Earth Moving Equipment - Refurbishment, Repairs, Service and Maintenance

CJH CRANES has managed to establish itself as one of the most highly recognised and reliable Earthmoving Equipment Companies in Gauteng, South Africa offering Refurbishment-, Repairs-, Service and Maintenance of Earthmoving Equipment in South Africa, especially Gauteng.


In South Africa our mobile field services include: Maintenance, Machine Servicing, Repairing and Machine Inspection. We are associated with leading South African experts who have an in-depth knowledge about most makes and models of Earthmoving Equipment available in South Africa.


We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and no machine accepted for repairs leaves our plant unless we are certain that our workmanship adheres to our highest standards.


We have an extensive range of machine parts available with which to service Earthmoving Equipment in Gauteng,  South Africa. Should we not have the right spare parts we will quickly source from our broad network of Earthmoving parts suppliers. Sometimes spare parts can be custom manufactured by engineering companies.


We believe in offering fair prices without compromising on quality.


Our clients operate in the mining-, plant hire-, and the construction industry. 


We strive for 100% customer satisfaction by offering the best quality services at the fastest possible turnaround time for new parts delivery and parts repairs, achieving the lowest possible minimum downtime. We use parts confirming to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specs ensuring a high quality product which will extend the life of our client’s earthmoving equipment.


Refurbishment services of Earthmoving Equipment includes:

•    Repaint ,

•    Electrical ,

•    Mechanical and

•    Hydraulic repairs.

We have the expertise to rebuild machine components. This includes stripping as well as the preparation of reports for failures, general engineering according to OEM specifications, assembling of parts and testing. 

We stock a wide variety of most regularly used major parts enabling us to rebuild our client’s Earthmoving Equipment at the best possible price in the shortest possible time.

Besides a repair service we also offer to exchange parts for failed components. What we offer are either reconstructed components offered with a full or limited warranty or used components in good condition, thoroughly tested, in order to ensure it matches OEM specifications. Your specific warranty will be discussed prior to services or parts delivered to avoid possible misunderstandings.

With our wide collection of comprehensive parts in addition to the component solution, we are in a position to offer all the maintenance  services required for Earthmoving Equipment. 

Reasons for the popularity of CJH CRANES in Earthmoving Equipment Refurbishment, Repairs, Service and Maintenance:

Under the leadership of Hans Vogelsang, we started our journey in the year 2009 and continue to offer high-quality services, being recognised as Industry leaders when it comes to Earthmoving Equipment.  

Our value added proposition which positioned us to achieve this recognition include:

•    We have the best  experts (in-house and outsourced combined) to assist clients in Earthmoving    Equipment Refurbishment, -Repairs, -Service and Maintenance

•    We offer personalized services based on the exact needs of the customers

•    We are a customer-centric company and offers services which are as per clients expectations

•    We strive for 100% customer satisfaction 

•    We have a 24x7 customer support team to assist clients and to clarify queries if any

•    We offer our services and products at competitive rates

•    We constantly review our service quality and client satisfaction and provide training to staff to stay updated about new technological and product changes

•    We offer prompt services to reduce downtime of our clients at their construction sites


Being in the industry for many years we understand the expectations of our clients and strive to ensure that we match it. Besides customer satisfaction, we give equal importance to employee satisfaction too.  It’s the support of our staff and trust of our clients which helped us to be recognised as industry leaders

How to connect with us?

If you are in search for one of the best service providers in the industry in regards to Earthmoving Equipment Refurbishment, Repairs, Service and Maintenance then you are at the right company now.

Trust us for high-quality services.

You can connect with us either via phone or over mail. You are always welcome to make an appointment during normal business hours if you prefer to meet in person.

Our telephone number: 011-963 0670



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