Hans Vogelsang is the owner of Harpia Enterprises CC is a qualified Electrician and Rigger and have over 15 years’ experience in the construction and plant environment.  Harpia Enterprises CC has been in the market since 2009.  Our qualified team has very good knowledge of a vast range of cranes, equipment and plant.
Harpia Enterprises CC provides outstanding personalised service that meets the need of both current and potential clients within the construction and related industries. We constantly search for ways to improve the quality of services we provide to our clients. We strive to be recognised and respected as the best provider of crane and plant services in South Africa.
Harpia Enterprises CC is totally committed to providing the highest level of quality services and professional expertise to meet the diverse and changing requirements of our clients at competitive industry rates.
The corporate values governing development include the following:
  • Harpia Enterprises CC operates in accordance with the highest standards in all relationships with clients, suppliers and the environment.
  • Harpia Enterprises CC fosters a climate which encourages innovation and diligence amongst staff and rewards accordingly.
Harpia Enterprises CC prides itself on its values of:
  • Professionalism and Expertise through knowledge, experience and respect
  • Setting Standards by influence and accomplishment
  • Moving Forward by meeting challenges and embracing change.
Our objectives and goals are to attain outstanding personalised service at the most competitive price. In line with the diversified and expanding market demands, Harpia Enterprises CC has positioned itself strategically with respect to capabilities and capacities to respond quickly to change.